Julian Rosefeldt, Requiem

"In Requiem (2007), shot in the Amazonian jungle, humans are altogether absent, but their presence is intimated in a monumental and deeply disconcerting way. The luscious, verdant foliage of the jungle is projected onto four screens. For a while, nothing happens. Suddenly we hear a crisp, crackling sound, and then we are witness to a tree falling to the ground, accompanied by a resonating loud thump. The scene is repeated, successively, in each of the projections. The invisible hand that cuts the trees is nowhere to be seen or heard (Rosefeldt edited out the sound of the chainsaws), but the statement made is unequivocal."
(excerpt from a text by Katerina Gregos)

Julian Rosefeldt
Requiem (I), 2007
from the series: Requiem
lambda print
143,5 x 208 cm | 56.5 x 81.89 in
1 / 6 + 2 AP